How long does a parent allow their toddler to pitch a temper tantrum? For how long is it acceptable to allow a child to scream “bloody murder” in a public space before removing that child for the sake of all others present?

These are questions we need to answer as a nation. The toddler in question is the Tea Party faction of the Republican Party. It is truly mind-boggling how they played an instrumental role in shutting down our government & currently demand serious concessions from Democrats & the President of the United States.

Quite simply, our national family is in a state of bewilderment by the vehemence and immaturity of these Tea Party toddlers. Their outright fury and contempt towards government—and by extension the American people—is terrifying and incredibly telling.

One of the most strongly worded rebukes of these “wacko bird” toddlers was recently delivered on the floor of the Senate by Senator Elizabeth Warren.

If I may add to Senator Warren’s words: the inconsistency, lack of compassion, backward beliefs, & guerrilla tactics being used to collapse our society into some conservative dystopia ruled by corporations & the unfettered privilege of the One Percent should call all freedom-loving, patriotic Americans to action. 

Stand against this insurgency. Flood your representatives in government with calls & letters of support as they continue to stand against these destructive temper tantrums. Contrary to how conservatives flaunt themselves, it is non-Republican voices that hold the high moral ground in this struggle. We see the consequences of concession; we understand the ramifications of inaction.

These toddlers of the public square are too immature, short-sighted, and ideologically-driven to see anything but their own ambitions. It is time they were disciplined. It is time the true narrative of our country—like Senator Warren states in her floor speech—again reverberates throughout our national family.

I say it is about time we #DumpTheTeaParty.

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